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Annual Session 2021

AS21B11 - Suggestions for Systematic Treatment of Orthognathic Surgical Patients with Clear Aligners

‐ Jun 25, 2021 1:45pm

Orthognathic surgical correction of skeletal malocclusions using aligners is gaining momentum in orthodontics. However, the systems and procedures necessary to arrive at the final outcome still feels "new" for many multidisciplinary teams. This lecture will focus on processes and suggestions for treatment planning orthognathic surgical cases with aligners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Properly plan for the nuances of decompensation of the dentition with clear aligners in preparation for orthognathic surgery.
  • Properly plan for single jaw (maxillary or mandibular) movements with orthognathic surgery with clear aligners.
  • Plan for 3 piece maxillary movements with clear aligners.



  • Mazyar Moshiri, DMD, MS : Consultant: Align Technology

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