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Annual Session 2021

AS21B49 - Plastic Principles: 6 Key Orthodontic Principles Applied to Plastic

Jun 26, 2021 4:45pm ‐ Jun 26, 2021 5:05pm


Learn how to apply basic biomechanics to your aligner setups. Dr. Hopkins will discuss how everyday principles we use with our bracket and wire cases can be applied to aligner cases. Have you struggled with posterior or lateral open bites in your aligner cases? Do you have hanging palatal cusps on upper molars? Premature anterior occlusion? Dr. Hopkins will discuss how to plan your aligner mechanics appropriately to avoid this common issue. The problem is not with the plastic, the problem is poorly designed mechanics. Learn how to avoid these issues by applying her plastic principles.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the underlying cause of lateral and posterior openbites with aligners.
  • Learn how force is applied differently with aligners than brackets and wires.
  • Use the basic principles we all know about force systems when setting up a clear aligner case.



  • Heather Hopkins, DMD, MS : Consultant: Align Technology

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