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Annual Session 2021

AS21B54 - Uno, Dos, Tres: All the Screws in the Same Place

Jun 27, 2021 9:45am ‐ Jun 27, 2021 10:25am


With the advantage of hindsight, when examining treatments involving the use of miniscrew anchorage, it appears in a parallax view that moving from buccal interradicular insertion of miniscrews to the palate often affords more reliability and versatility for orthodontic biomechanics. Specifically, one palatal insertion site for miniscrews, combined with simple laboratory modifications of transpalatal arches can be employed as anchorage to assist in the correction of a wide variety of malocclusions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose and advantages of palatal skeletal anchorage to enhance a variety of orthodontic mechanics.
  • Be familiar with the rationale for the selection of a specific miniscrew insertion site.
  • Design simple, individual mechanisms using miniscrews for many different malocclusions.


Tags: TADs

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