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Annual Session 2021

AS21B55 - Class II Minimum-Touch Approach in an Evolving Orthodontic World

Jun 27, 2021 9:45am ‐ Jun 27, 2021 10:25am


Carriere Motion Appliance is a sagittal corrector that will work into the resolution of our Class II and Class III cases in a minimally invasive approach for non extraction orthodontics. The objective is to present a predictable and simple orthodontic method. The key is to achieve, as the very first step of the treatment, a Class One Platform of the posterior segments from molar to canine and follow with an optimized minimum-touch orthodontic protocol to diminish the number of total necessary appointments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Control distalization with predictability.
  • Accomplish a solid class I posterior platform in Class II and Class III cases.
  • Simplify and optimize the orthodontic procedure and at the same time reduce the treatment timing.



  • Luis Carriere, DDS, MSD, PhD : Royalties: Inventor

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