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Annual Session 2022

AS22B85 - How Can We Manage Unstable Occlusion in Surgery-first Orthodontic Patients?

‐ May 24, 2022 8:05am

Credits: None available.

Once an orthognathic surgery is done first, the following orthodontic treatment is much easier and faster due to regional acceleratory phenomenon. The only concern is that occlusion is unstable and this could lead to surgical instability particularly in severe skeletal discrepancy cases. This presentation will show that such an unstable occlusion can be managed simply by continuous use of surgical splint. Proper clinical guidelines will be presented using typical clinical cases.

Learning Objectives:

  • Manage unstable occlusion after surgery via splint modification.
  • Manage the complex occlusion easily with surgery-first approach.
  • Learn how the clear aligner is used effectively with surgery-first approach.



Credits: None available.

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