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2010 Interdisciplinary Meeting - Evaluation and Treatment of Lip Esthetics / Facial Esthetics and Facial Contour Surgery / Nasal Esthetic Evaluation: Rhinoplasty With and Without Orthognathic Surgery

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Evaluation and Treatment of Lip Esthetics

The perioral region is an area of great interest to dentists, orthodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons alike. It is the area of focus in our day-to-day practice and of frequent concern to our patients. In this time of obsession with looking younger and looking our best, it is imperative that we as "specialists of the perioral region" become familiar with diagnosing and treatment planning of rejuvenative procedures to improve our patient's outcomes. The astute dental specialist should become aware of potential treatments which will greatly improve their outcomes and surpass their patient's expectations.

Learning Objectives:

  • To become familiar with the evaluation of the aging patient
  • To become familiar with different techniques for improving the perioral aesthetics
  • To become familiar with the limitations of the available techniques to improve the perioral region

Facial Aesthetics and Facial Contour Surgery

This lecture will focus on the clinical evaluation of the aging face and for individuals with poor soft tissue support and facial contour abnormalities. Based on the patients facial structures and concerns, various treatment options will be reviewed with the rationale for what type of treatment is most appropriate leading to a more predictable outcome. A review of materials, surgical and non-surgical techniques, and outcomes will be presented. Representative cases will be shown.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the necessary components of the facial examination and health history that will enable attendees to develop a treatment plan and strategy for the aging face or for individuals with contour deficiencies of the cheeks or chin
  • Understand safe and appropriate use of injectable fillers, fat transfer and implants for facial rejuvenation and contour deficiencies

Nasal Esthetic Evaluation: Rhinoplasty With and Without Orthognathic Surgery

This presentation will highlight the key anatomic structures and evaluation points regarding rhinoplasty. Specific components such as proper tip projection, rotation, nasal length and width will be discussed. Interplay between orthognathic surgery and nasal tip dynamics will also be emphasized. Case presentations will demonstrate pre-operative and intra-operative maneuvers as well as pearls and pitfalls.
Learning Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the complex nasal anatomy, especially the nasal tip
  • Properly evaluate patients in the pre-operative phase who may benefit from a rhinoplasty as a continuum of orthognathic surgery



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