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2012 Annual Session - In the Spirit of Jacob Salzmann -- the AAOF Legacy Growth Collection

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In the Spirit of Jacob Salzmann -- the AAOF Legacy Growth Collection

In a career lasting half a century, Jacob Salzmann worked to expand collaborative teaching and research among the members of the orthodontic specialty. For 41 years, he edited reviews and abstracts for the American Journal of Orthodontics. His landmark textbook on the Practice of Orthodontics sought to correlate the basic biological sciences of his day with the demands of clinical orthodontic practice. In the 1950s, he organized and led two important conferences at which the leading thinkers of our specialty met together to develop an integrated science of Roentgenographic Cephalometrics. In the same spirit of gathering together and sharing our sources of craniofacial knowledge, the AAOF has sponsored an ongoing collaboration among nine historically important university and institutional collections of craniofacial growth records for the purpose of making their materials freely available on the Internet to all interested orthodontic clinicians, teachers and research investigators. We will demonstrate the present status of the AAOF Legacy Collection website, a continually developing platform for generating and sharing orthodontic knowledge.

Learning Objectives

  • Who was Jacob A. Salzmann?
  • What is the AAOF Legacy Growth Collection?
  • How can I access and search the records and participate in research on the records of the Collection?



  • 1.00 - CE

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