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2019 Winter Conference - Growth and Development of the Airway: Implications for Children with SDB

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This lecture will focus on the normal postnatal growth and development of the upper airway. Special emphasis will be placed on the changes from age 7 to 17. In addition to changes occurring in the bones that are part of the skeletal boundaries of the airway, an in depth presentation of changes in the soft tissues of the airway will be presented. Special attention will be given to longitudinal changes seen for the hyoid bone, the soft palate and the adenoid mass. The effects on the airway of various orthodontic treatment strategies such as head gear and extractions will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the normal growth of the skeletal boundaries of the airway.
  • Describe the normal growth of the soft tissues of the upper airway.
  • Identify anatomy landmarks that are important for upper airway assessment.


Tags: Airway Doctors


  • 0.75 - CE

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