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2016 AAO Annual Session - Angle Lecture: Fast Food or Slow Food Orthodontics / Biomechanics: Past, Present and Future! / "Reversal of Fortune": Resolving Final Excess Overjet Using Simplified Orthodontic Mechanics

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Angle Lecture: Fast Food or Slow Food Orthodontics

Is Orthodontics force-driven or appliance-driven? Widening of the indications leading patients to seek orthodontics, outsourcing of bonding and bending, prescription of wire sequences have led to an increasing number of treatments performed by general dentists. On this basis, it is reasonable to ask: Are we a scientifically-based or a market-driven profession?

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the development occurring within orthodontics towards a more market-driven approach
  • Distinguish between treatments that require postgraduate training and those which can be done based on market prescription
  • Identify the problems that require special competencies and cannot be outsourced

Biomechanics: Past, Present and Future!

Many advances have been made in biomechanics over the years, but fundamentals do not change with time.  While frequently having been considered to be academic in nature, the fundamental principles involved in biomechanics have too often been avoided in decisions involving full vs partial appliances, total force systems involved in all aspects of treatment, intra-arch mechancics vs inter-arch mechanics, etc.  This presentation will demonstrate that such fundamentals should remain a valid component of treatment decisions whether PAST, PRESENT, OR FUTURE and can actually “modernize” orthodontic mechanics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover approaches to treatment that can frequently eliminate the need for patient cooperation
  • Recognize that transpalatal arches, lingual arches, Class II elastics, headgear, etc. can be avoided without compromising  the end result

"Reversal of Fortune": Resolving Final Excess Overjet Using Simplified Orthodontic Mechanics

All orthodontists are delighted with finished cases demonstrating ideal anterior dental facial esthetics, overbite, overjet AND debanded ahead of schedule.  Without maxillary dental spaces, this final finish may be elusive. This lecture will demonstrate the use of simple, smart mechanics designed to "distal drive" the entire maxillary arch (en masse) with minimal forward movement of the mandibular arch.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how to achieve ideal anterior dental facial balance
  • Demonstrate how to distalize the entire maxillary dental arch using simplified and smart orthodontic mechanics
  • Evaluate how to use orthodontic materials commonly available in your office



  • Gerald Samson, DDS, ABO, FACD : Gerald S. Samson, DDS: Consultant: ORMCO, Spring & Spout, Family Ortho


  • 2.00 - CE

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