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2013 Annual Session - The Importance of Occlusal Plane in Virtual Treatment Planning / Improving Control and Efficiency in Lingual Orthodontics

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The Importance of Occlusal Plane in Virtual Treatment Planning

The use of virtual treatment planning in orthodontics has become commonplace, especially in conjunction with custom manufactured orthodontic appliances. Virtual treatment planning has given the orthodontist powerful tools to detail individual tooth positions prior to treatment but the question becomes are these the correct positions? The presentation will review why the spacial orientation of the virtual model is critical to achieving desired esthetic outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • State the normal range of occlusal plane angulation
  • Determine the interaction of occlusal plane and perceived incisor torque
  • Demonstrate simple techniques to overcome the shortcomings of current virtual treatment planning software.

Improving Control and Efficiency in Lingual Orthodontics

Dr. Alexander will present the five key features of digitally customized, self-ligating lingual treatment using the HARMONY System, which offers a comparable level of control and efficiency found in labial appliances. Lingual orthodontic appliances have traditionally required the specialist to make sacrifices in chair time or treatment time to achieve a satisfactory outcome because some of these five key features have been missing. An understanding of the benefits derived from these 5 key features is absolutely critical if orthodontists are going to place their trust in a lingual system and expect that they can achieve the same high quality results using the same mechanics as their labial appliance system.

Learning Objectives:

  • Relate how self-ligation in lingual orthodontics greatly improves control and efficiency
  • Define what method of positioning/repositioning lingual brackets increases precise placement
  • Recognize the technology behind this 100% digitally customized system.



  • 1.00 - CE

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