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2011 Annual Session - TAD Planning and Effective Biomechanics for Daily Orthodontics/ Demystifying Predictable TAD Biomechanics: Everyone Wins!

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TAD Planning and Effective Biomechanics for Daily Orthodontics

Nowadays TADs are a standard tool to increase orthodontic anchorage for certain treatment periods. The first part of this lecture will focus on how to find the best location for a TAD utilizing CBCT. The second part will cover simple, clinically proven biomechanics for the upper and lower jaw including efficient uprighting of lower molars.

Learning Objectives:

  • What are safe locations for TAD placement?
  • What do simple and effective biomechanics look like?
  • How can I upright molars effectively?

Demystifying Predictable TAD Biomechanics: Everyone Wins

Most of today's practicing orthodontists are familiar with the use of TADs to enhance the scope of their treatment possibilites. However, orthodontists are justifiably frustrated when treatment results are unpredictable and/or when miniscrews fail. Dr. Graham will teach predictable, time-tested TAD biomechanics and strategies which will provide the attendees with the information necessary to improve TAD treatment predictability, decrease miniscrew failures and increase treatment options and profitability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Significantly decrease TAD failure rates
  • Greatly improve the predictability of TAD assisted orthodontics
  • Reduce unwanted TAD tooth movements



  • 1.50 - CE

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