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2011 The Orthodontist as CEO® - Investment Strategies for the Under 50

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Given developments in the global economy and markets, investors' confidence has been shaken. While the natural inclination is to be fearful in such volatile times, we will discuss opportunities in the midst of uncertainty. Our presentation will cover trends in portfolio management and planning opportunities to increase your net worth. Topics include:

  • Asset Allocation — Is diversification dead?
  • Market Timing — Does it pay to be tactical?
  • Retirement Planning — Maximizing savings for a successful retirement
  • Tax Planning — What can I do today in light of higher taxes tomorrow?
  • Estate Planning — Preparing for your loved ones and enhancing the value of your estate
  • Education Planning — Saving for the increasing cost of higher education

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of portfolio diversification and investing for the long-term
  • Recognize the importance of saving for retirement (the power of compounding)
  • Evaluate opportunities for tax and estate planning as a means to enhance net worth



  • 2.00 - CE

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