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2016 AAO Annual Session - The Gummy Smile: Simplifying Treatment Planning with the Checklist Manifesto

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Orthodontic treatment planning is often driven by either first impression or “that’s the way we always treat that.” What seems to be routine, even mundane, makes it easy for us to overlook the variations that make each patient different. While it makes complicated issues easy to treatment plan in one way, it often leaves out important details that should be recognized for the best treatment, leading us to a disappointing outcome. For example, a gummy smile may have as many as five different etiologies, and an individual’s gummy smile may be due to one of those etiologies, a combination of them, or even all of them. Utilizing principles of the checklist manifesto, this lecture will demonstrate how this approach to treatment planning actually leads to treatment planning simplification, and a discipline which leads to higher performance of the interdisciplinary team.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the multiple etiologies of excessive gingival display on smile
  • Develop a checklist system of treatment planning that leads to the treatment plan



  • 1.00 - CE

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