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2012 Annual Session - Treatment of Skeletal Class II Division 1 During Mixed Dentition / Incisor Injury and Class II Malocclusion

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Treatment of Skeletal Class II Division 1 During Mixed Dentition

The objective of this presentation is to demonstrate the efficacy of the mechanics to correct skeletal anteroposterior and transverse discrepancies and to gain arch length in the lower arch without teeth extraction. A case treated with minimum mechanical aids to achieve ultimate success from guidance of natural forces with little or no mechanical intervention will be presented. The result of treatment and its stability will be assessed with a 30-year long-term follow-up.

Learning Objectives:

  • Growth modification
  • Optimal timing for treatment
  • Benefits of early treatment

Incisor Injury and Class II Malocclusion

The prevalence of dental injuries in children and adolescents has been reported to range from 6% to 34%. Falls, collision and sporting activities are the main cause of most dental injuries. Studies have shown a positive correlation between the frequency of incisor trauma with increased protrusion, Class II malocclusion, increased overjet and lip incompetence. This presentation will describe the prevalence and the effect on incidence of incisor trauma in patients that participated in a clinical trial designed to investigate early growth modifications in the treatment of Class II malocclusion.

Learning Objectives

  • Methods of scoring incisor injury
  • Difference between prevalence and incidence in incisor trauma
  • Approaches to prevent incisor trauma



  • 1.00 - CE

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