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2007 Annual Session - Taming The Tongue Thrust: What To Expect From The Speech Pathologist

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Oromyofunctional therapy can be an integral factor in the success of the orthodontic process. A referral to a speech pathologist for oromyofunctional therapy is a necessary component to the orthodontic team. This session will outline the role of the speech pathologist, the evaluation process, the treatment process, obstacles to therapy success, prognostic indicators, what parents and the patient can expect, and measurable outcomes of therapy. Tongue-thrust therapy can be effective, efficient and fun. This session is guaranteed to provide the attendees with practical and accurate information about speech therapy and correction of tongue thrust.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the role of the speech pathologist in tongue thrust therapy and expectations of service
  • Explain the process for evaluating a tongue thrust and severity ratings
  • Understand the five levels of tongue thrust therapy and the criteria for each level
  • Understand variables affecting the success of tongue thrust therapy
  • Identify symptoms and know when a referral to a speech pathologist is warranted



  • 1.00 - CE

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