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2016 AAO Annual Session - Empowering the "On-Time, Doctor-Time" Scheduling Coordinator

Credits: None available.

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In this lecture, Ken uses his considerable orthodontic practice management experience to look at Doctor Time Scheduling from the scheduler’s point of view. Few things create more upset in a practice than wrongly-scheduled appointments. The entire team is welcome to evaluate the difficulties in scheduling patients and how to systematically go about alleviating wrongly-scheduled appointments. It certainly begins with a strong, well prepared set of scheduling templates, but there is so much more to scheduling that must happen on a daily basis to achieve maximum on-time efficiency in an enjoyable way that can be reproduced day after day.

After this lecture you will be able to:

  • Evaluate scheduling in orthodontics from the Scheduler's point of view
  • Discover concrete solutions to many of the common pitfalls in scheduling
  • Create a scheduling system on which the entire practice can depend to produce enjoyable results



  • Ken Alexander, BA, M. Div. : Consultant: Alexander and Sons


  • 1.00 - CE

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