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2011 Annual Session - Think Right, Do Right and Be Right

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How does a practice move beyond controlled and mechanical behaviors to a place filled with excellence, excitement and joy? In this fun and rewarding lecture, Ken Alexander will share the vital secrets of Think Right, Do Right & Be Right that allows a practice to grow up into super success while having fun doing it. For more than 25 years, Ken Alexander has been teaching winning principles for orthodontic practice success in new patient enrollment, customer service, scheduling, patient cooperation, and team building. Change is never easy, and often not sustainable, unless one first understands correct thinking and making proper choices that lead to excellence of service and the best you can be!

Learning Objectives:

  • That the listener will gain an understanding that successful behaviors always follow right thinking and destructive behaviors bad thinking.
  • To expose the listener to key concepts and principles that lead to proven successful outcomes in new patient enrollment, customer service, scheduling, patient cooperation and team building.
  • That the listener will come to understand the importance of being the right person and what it takes in right thinking and right choices to be part of a winning team, not a whining team.



  • 1.50 - CE

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