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2016 Webinar - Understanding Critical Orthodontic Focus Areas, Key Statistics to Look At, What It All Means and What Actions to Plan

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The somewhat quieter fall months in an orthodontic practice, provide a wonderful opportunity for you to carefully evaluate and compare your practice statistics from the previous year. Taking time to review these numbers, allows you to put that important data to use and ensure even greater practice success in the New Year! But it can be confusing to know: what specific statistics are important, what they mean for your practice, how your practice compares to others, and what you can do to improve those numbers. It is also true that you can't fix it if you don't know it is broken! Now you will be able to look at your own practice statistics with the watchful perspective of a practice management consultant. Ms. Beaton will also provide industry percentages and ratios to use in your own evaluation of your practice data as well as explain the data and reporting you can use to identify key focus areas of strength where your systems and protocols are working well. She will also identify the signs you should watch for, that indicate critical weaker focus areas where some additional attention or a more defined office protocol would greatly benefit your practice.

After this lecture you will be able to:

  1. Identify the key orthodontic practice focus areas that should be monitored for both strengths and areas of need.
  2. Explain the industry percentages and ratios that will allow you to monitor the health of your practice systems.
  3. Discuss some of the action steps that should be taken when a specific focus area is identified that needs attention or change.
  4. Identify the orthodontic statistical markers to watch for, that will indicate you have been successful in strengthening a particular focus area.

Ms. Beaton brings over eighteen years of hands-on experience in both the orthodontic and dental industry as both new patient treatment coordinator and financial administrator to her lengthy consulting career. Developed from that extensive experience, Ms. Beaton offers a full spectrum of practice management services and various customized training programs.

Ms. Beaton's Treatment Coordinator training in Sales and the NP process has allowed offices to quickly increase their NP conversion and maintain same day treatment acceptance ratios at or above 85%. Ms. Beaton's dynamic Accounts Receivable training program, has allowed offices to decrease their existing A/R percentage from well over 15% to 3% or below. Her intuitive understanding of what truly motivates patients to say yes to orthodontic treatment, combined with a proven accounts receivables protocol, has allowed her clients to increase starts while consistently collecting the money produced.

Ms. Beaton has been a frequent speaker at regional and national orthodontic programs. She is a consistent contributor to several orthodontic newsletters as well as, writing a newsletter of her own. She has also had several articles published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. She is an active participant in the Ortho 2 Cutting Edge Webinars series and delights in having opportunities to share the orthodontic information that has always been so freely shared with her.



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