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2016 Annual Session - The Biomechanics of Orthodontitis and Root Resorption

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The Biomechanics of Orthodontitis and Root Resorption

Can naming the familiar process Orthodontically-Induced Inflammatory Root Resorption as 'Orthodontitis' formulate a new approach in respect to it? This might bring a positive attitude in the discourse to what we are familiar with ... the unavoidable irreversible morphological root changes that occur during orthodontic treatment. This lecture will discuss other mechanisms the body uses as a reaction to immediate and long-term changes in its homeostasis. It will review conclusions from several short-term human in-vivo studies that brought the most important guidelines of orthodontic treatments published in the last 30 years, in the perspective of biomechanics and actual long-term findings. Results from a study done worldwide sponsored by the WFO on the standard of care related to orthodontic root resorption will also be presented. The means to prevent root resorption and, moreove,r to eliminate it from the profession vocabulary is yet unknown. Are we on the right track to find a solution?

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the importance of the validity, legitimacy and the purpose of naming the Orthodontically Induces Inflammatory Root Resorption phenomenon as Orthodontitis
  • Discuss Orthodontitis in the perspective of Biomechanics
  • Evaluate ways of monitoring and handling Orthodontitis during treatment in relation to the common standard of care



  • 1.00 - CE

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