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2011 Annual Session - Accelerated Tooth Movement Facilitated With Periodontal Regeneration/ Accelerating your Results with Surgically Assisted Orthodontic Tooth Movement

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Traditional cell-mediated orthodontic tooth movement has enhanced the advancement of dentistry globally by allowing mal-positioned teeth to be repositioned into a better functional position for better overall dental health and esthetics. However, in many cases we are limited on the amount of tooth movement we can accomplish due to the underlying alveolar or skeletal bone. Orthognathic Surgery has been the optional choice traditionally for correcting these problems, but many times the deformity is more an alveolar bone deficiency than a skeletal deficiency. This program will outline new alveolar surgical techniques to enhance alveolar development and provide accelerated tooth movement for your orthodontic patient.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a protocol as to which surgical techniques to choose when faced with an underlying orthodontic alveolar or skeletal bone deficiency.
  • Understand the orthodontic requirements needed when utilizing accelerated surgical orthodontic techniques.
  • Distinguish between alveolar bone corticotomies and alveolar bone osteotomies
  • Learn how to discuss these options with your patients.



  • 1.50 - CE

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