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2011 Annual Session - Mechanisms of Tissue Regeneration in the Craniofacial Complex/ Regeneration of the Periodontium in Orthodontic Patients With Severe Bone Loss

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Concepts relating to the mechanisms of tissue regeneration associated with craniofacial growth and treatment will be addressed in light of recent advances in current understanding of stem cell biology and the factors regulating cell-tissue development and growth. Significant discoveries have been made in understanding many of the factors mediating normal craniofacial growth as well as prospects for regenerative development and growth of osseous tissues. Translating these discoveries into advances in orthodontic treatment for correction of skeletal deformities remains an exciting, but extremely challenging prospect.

Learning Objectives:

  • Brief history of the development of concepts of tissue regeneration and stem cell biology
  • The relevance of understanding skeletal stem cells for understanding the development and growth of craniofacial tissues, principally sutures and the mandibular condyle
  • Potential significance of tissue regeneration for advances craniofacial growth treatment

Regeneration of the Periodontium in Orthodontic Patients With Severe Bone Loss

This lecture deals with the management of Adult orthodontic patients with severely compromised periodontium due to advanced periodontal disease. Orthodontic Intrusion changes a horizontal bony defect into a vertical defect that is a good candidate for Bone induction. Bone inductive matrices are presented and their clinical use is demonstrated in a step by step manner. Long term follow up is presented. The use of Mini Implants to intrude segments of teeth is also demonstrated. A special emphasis is given to root torque and its effects on gingival margins.

Learning Objectives:

  • Orthodontic intrusion and Bone Induction as means to regenerating the lost periodontium
  • Auto transplantation and Regeneration of the periodontium
  • Differential Torque Control and Gingival margins



  • 1.50 - CE

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