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2017 Annual Session Conference

AS17B10C - Predictable Treatment of Occlusal Cants

‐ Apr 22, 2017 3:10pm

The focus will be on how to treat patients that present with occlusal cants and also how to correct cants that appear during treatment. Most cants are created inadvertently during fixed appliance therapy and appear unexpectedly. Therefore, the best way to treat an occlusal cant is to prevent its development in the first place. Certain common and recognizable biomechanical geometries require particular caution during the treatment process. Once a cant develops and is detected, simple appliances can be designed and activated to produce the correction desired in a predictable manner.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize common tooth position geometries that will result in development of an occlusal cant if straightwire mechanics are used.
  • Manage unfavorable tooth position geometries to align teeth and avoid development of an occlusal cant.
  • Design simple appliances to correct occlusal cants that are identified or that develop during orthodontic treatment.


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