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2017 Annual Session Conference

AS17B12A - The Importance and Methods of Space Gain in the Maxillary Arch

Apr 22, 2017 3:00pm ‐ Apr 22, 2017 3:30pm


The need for early treatment has been called into question, and I feel that this has already been well discussed. Nevertheless, there are no arguments that rule out early treatment in specific individual cases. Partial early treatment is not viewed as problematic, for example, in cases of molar crossbite, impacted teeth, or congenitally missing teeth, or in patients with cleft palate or other anomalies. In this lecture, I would like to consider these issues together.

Learning Objectives:

  • Consider the role of Gubernacular canal in the occurrence of impacted canine.
  • Recognize the possibilities of the skeletal effects of rapid palatal expansion treatment.
  • Distinguish the best way to use the face-bow headgear treatment to correct Class II molar relationship.


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