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2018 Annual Session Conference

Ortho-Prosthodontic Reconstruction of Dentition in Patients with Massive Abrasion

‐ May 5, 2018 7:45am

The lecture deals with a complex issue of interdisciplinary cooperation in patients with erosive tooth surface changes in enamel or dental abrasion caused by bruxism. The authors describe the features of individual erosive and abrasive changes and they propose their possible solutions. Orthodontic therapies in these patients form a preparatory stage before the prosthodontic reconstruction. The lecture describes which situations can be solved without the orthodontic therapy and which with the therapy, so that the teeth would be in the best possible position before the prosthodontic reconstruction. Of course, the aim is that the prosthodontist could work in the minimally invasive protocol. The authors also present here the use of dental implants as anchorage units for tooth movement, the use of anchorage mini-implants for molar intrusion from supraocclusion, and last but not least they deal with tissue changes during intrusive tooth movement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the difference between abrasive and erosive changes.
  • Evaluate the use of dental implant as an anchorage feature.
  • During intrusion, evaluate whether the tooth be inserted into the bone and therefore bone support be augmented as a result.


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