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2018 Annual Session Conference

Early Treatment of Dento-Skeletal Class II Malocclusion: If, When, Why and How

May 5, 2018 1:15pm ‐ May 5, 2018 2:00pm


Dento-skeletal Class II malocclusions in growing children remain one of the most challenging problems in orthodontics. The most frequent are due to by mandibular retrognathism. Thus, a treatment for stimulating mandibular growth by functional appliances is often indicated. However, this early treatment is a widely discussed in the literature mainly due to the uncertainly of stable long term results. This clinical presentation will focus on the Function Regulator (FR-2), proposed in the 1960s by Fränkel to correct the function of the circumoral musculature. The efficacy and benefits of FR-2 treatment in developing Class II malocclusion will be analyzed and the importance of the ideal timing will be discussed. Moreover the long-term stability of the FR-2 treatment and the importance of the differential diagnosis in the treatment for dento-skeletal class II patients will also be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the benefits of early treatment in correcting dento-skeletal Class II malocclusions.
  • Determine optimal timing for orthodontic treatment of dento-skeletal Class II malocclusions.
  • Evaluate the major short- and long- term outcomes related to the Frankel II appliance treatment.


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