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2018 Annual Session Conference

Asymmetry: Where? Why? Correct or Camouflage?

May 5, 2018 3:45pm ‐ May 5, 2018 4:30pm


Before treating an occlusal asymmetry it is important, to verify the etiology and to localize the origin. Is it skeletal, dento-alveolar or dental? The asymmetry should be identified in all three planes of space and the best possible treatment approach, camouflage or correction be chosen. Correction of an asymmetry in one plane of space will often lead an asymmetry in another plane of space when treated with intermaxillary mechanics. The lecture will demonstrate how the correct timing and goal oriented “force driven mechanics” can improve the prognosis of these treatments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Localize the origin of an occlusal asymmetry.
  • Identify the problems that can be corrected and those which can only be camouflaged.
  • Choose the correct treatment approach in relation to the goal elected.


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