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2018 Annual Session Conference

Finishing Procedures in 4-Dimensions

‐ May 8, 2018 9:25am

Traditionally, the finishing objectives, when achieved, basically comprehend 3 dimensions, namely, microesthetics (teeth), miniesthetics (smile), and macroesthetics (face), as described by Sarver. Considering that important concepts are being overlooked by orthodontics, we are introducing the fourth dimension, named hyperesthetics, which focuses on occlusion and quality of life. Cases representing the importance of the former show occlusion as essential for achieving excellence in orthodontics, even esthetically. Bearing in mind that beauty closely relates to quality of life, treatment decisions need to be made concerning the influence it will have on the patient's health, particularly breathing and TMJ stability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize dimensions in finishing orthodontics as major objectives.
  • Include occlusion as an important parameter to achieve excellence in orthodontics.
  • Make treatment decisions based on patients health as the most important parameter to achieve modern esthetics.


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