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2018 Annual Session Conference

Cows, Cars and Trains

May 6, 2018 2:40pm ‐ May 6, 2018 4:40pm


An enlightening joint lecture presented by Drs. James Vaden, Lysle Johnston and William Proffit who discuss their hobbies and interests beyond the realm of orthodontics. 

Dr. James Vaden presents, "Cows, Tractors, Grease and Bruises" Some people travel to exotic places to play golf, rabidly follow football, basketball, baseball, soccer or hockey teams. Others do “weird” stuff. They like the smell of dirt and cow manure. They don’t mind grease and grime. This talk will give a glimpse of one AAO member’s cow and tractor collecting “boondoggle”. 

Dr. Lysle Johnston presents, "Validating Einstein, One British Car at a Time" Einstein supposedly said that a sign of insanity is to repeat an act over and over and expect a different outcome each time. I have been collecting and driving British sports cars for over half a century and am inclined to agree with him. Hope springs eternal, however. I am now in the market for a frog-eye Sprite. Perhaps this time…. 

Dr. William Proffit presents, "Trains, then but mostly NOW" Trains knitted the country together after the Civil War, and there’s a fantastic display 45 minutes away at the B & O Museum in Baltimore—but this lecture focuses on trains internationally as a great way to see scenic and interesting places, and as the new way to get around as the 21st century progresses. A new high speed train is coming for you, you mostly just don’t know it yet.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the personality traits of a redneck, evaluate the sanity of one who runs a cow/calf operation and deduce that collecting old tractors is the ultimate way to stick money down a ground hog hole!
  • Learn that the British invented the interrupted windscreen wiper and three-way switch-on, flicker, off and know that there is a Prince of Darkness and that his name is Joseph Lucas.
  • Evaluate the best places for sightseeing and tourist travel by train and describe the use of rail passes in tourist travel internationally, discuss the use of high-speed trains already in most countries, and their upcoming role in inter-city travel in the United States and identify a real rail fan when one approaches you to tell you all about it.


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