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2019 Winter Conference

Beyond Straight Teeth: How 3D Airway Imaging is Elevating Orthodontics into a Vital Healthcare Specialty

Jan 26, 2019 1:40pm ‐ Jan 26, 2019 2:20pm


The creation of a 3-D virtual patient using CBCT imaging is now a reality. Simply focusing on the teeth is underutilizing the power of our orthodontic treatment to improve not only a patient’s smile, but their physical health as well. This presentation will focus on how to integrate CBCT into overall patient care. It will also discuss the importance of airway imaging and dynamic modeling in treatment planning. Dr. Carlson will use numerous case examples to share his story of practice transformation since installing his first CBCT machine in 2008. The advantages of a three-dimensional approach in diagnosis, airway analysis, treatment planning, and patient communication will be discussed. In addition, he will discuss some of the challenges that may make it difficult for clinicians to change from two-dimensional diagnosis to three-dimensional diagnosis and why this change is essential for the future of orthodontics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Incorporate airway health into their practice.
  • Evaluate the advantages of a 3D vs. 2D practice. Why once you switch, you will never go back to 2D.
  • Comprehend of the fundamentals of CBCT technology and dosimetry.


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