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2014 Annual Session - Treatment for Patients with Vertical Problems / When and How to Treat Vertical Problems?

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Treatment for Patients with Vertical Problems

Treatment for a patient with vertical problems is the most difficult challenge in Orthodontics. Analyzing the problems, treatment planning, considering mechanical force system and prognosticating the stability should be considered carefully. It is very important to carry out this series of processes with sufficient biological knowledge. From this view point, Dr. Kuroda will explain some key factors for diagnosis and also treatment planning.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish necessary surgical procedures
  • Recognize important factors to determine treatment planning

When and How to Treat Vertical Problems?

Whereas the prevalence of open bite is reduced with age, the number of patients with deep bites is increasing. The treatment approach used to solve vertical problems is therefore closely related to the timing. At a young age, open bites can be solved by interception and deep bite by reducing eruption of the anterior teeth. In non-growing patients, a combination of intrusion and eruption is needed. A clear definition of the needed tooth movements is imperative, as is the separation between the active and the passive units within each phase of treatment. The application of intermaxillary traction should be limited to the finishing phase. This lecture will outline the treatment principles applied in the correction of the vertical problems and indicate when skeletal anchorage or surgery is considered necessary.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize importance of timing in treatment of vertical problems
  • Identify needed tooth movements for each phase of open bite treatment
  • Demonstrate treatment principles to be applied to correction of vertical problems



  • 1.50 - CE

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