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2019 Annual Session Conference

Understanding 3D Printing Materials

‐ May 5, 2019 2:15pm

Since the emergence of in-office 3D printers, 3D printer material science has evolved faster than the 3D printers themselves. 3D printing materials are now equally important as the 3D printers and software driving this new technology. Applications for 3D printing in orthodontics include direct printing models for soldering appliances and thermoforming retainers, aligners, and indirect bonding trays. Soon, 3D printing materials will support direct printing of these devices as an alternative to the thermoforming process, streamlining practice workflow. Manufacturers must consider many factors when developing 3D printing material for dental and orthodontic applications such as obtaining FDA approval, managing odor and ventilation properties, minimizing allergic reactions, increasing material shelf life and minimizing production costs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the different types of 3D printing materials and their applications in orthodontics.
  • Evaluate the limitations of current 3D printing processes and how new 3D material enhancements will improve practice productivity.
  • Navigate the complexities of developing and releasing 3D materials to the dental and orthodontic market.


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