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2014 Annual Session - Top Ten Tips for Excellence in Orthodontic Finishing / Short of the Mark: An In-depth Look at Finishing

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Top Ten Tips for Excellence in Orthodontic Finishing

To achieve excellent orthodontic results involves a series of procedures in the beginning as well as during treatment. But the most critical phase corresponds to finishing properly, near the appliance removal. For this phase it is important to have a checklist, inspecting for inadequate items and performing the necessary procedures on brackets and archwires. This lecture is intended to reveal, discuss and propose procedures that are considered essential in excelling orthodontic finishing, therefore achieving results with good oral health, harmony, functionality and long-term stability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the details that interfere in orthodontic finishing
  • Demonstrate clinical procedures to improve orthodontic finishing
  • Evaluate how to improve clinical cases to finish with excellence

Short of the Mark: An In-depth Look at Finishing

Finishing orthodontic patients to an ideal end result is more rare than most are willing admit. There are numerous limitations that can affect the results. A patient’s growth and cooperation are both critical factors. But, are these really the most common causes of falling short of the mark? Or are they the scapegoats? I believe a true evaluation reveals that many failures are iatrogenic. We are to blame far more than we are willing to admit. The purpose of this lecture is to identify the culprits and the steps necessary to avoid them, as well as, the steps necessary to achieve an ideal end result.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify areas of treatment planning that limit our ability to finish well
  • Recognize the steps needed for ideal finishing



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