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2018 AAO Winter Conf - Incipient Impaction: Is there a Foolproof Preventative Strategy? / Q & A Session: Chaushu & Becker

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Impaction of maxillary canines ranges from 1-3%, with an associated 67% risk of resorption of adjacent teeth. The literature is brimming with studies investigating the efficacy of various measures intended to prevent, to intercept and/or to mitigate the severity of impaction of maxillary canine teeth. Timely extraction of the deciduous canines, the deciduous canines and deciduous first molars, space preparation, molar distalization and maxillary expansion may avoid impaction Nevertheless, the success of these approaches is dependent on the early diagnosis by the primary pediatric dentist. The lecture will overview the clinical and radiographic clues of incipient impactions and discuss the scientific evidence underlying the various treatment approaches.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the clinical and radiographic signs of incipient impaction.
  • Evaluate the proper timing for application of the preventive/interceptive approach.
  • Decide which is the most suitable preventive/interceptive approach in the particular case.



  • 1.25 - CE

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