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2018 AAO Winter Conf - What to do When All Teeth are Impacted? The Challenge of CCD / Q & A Session: Chaushu & Becker

Credits: None available.

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This presentation discusses the need for differential orthodontic treatment timing for Cleidocranial dysplasia. A customized design for an appliance that is able to provide anchorage while applying efficient directional mechanics, with only minor modifications to suit each of the several stages of the plan, will be described. Our experience with timing of the staged surgical exposures of the groups of unerupted teeth and the active role that the orthodontist must play in the procedure, will be related.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the appropriate time for each of the several orthodontic and surgical stages of treatment.
  • Design the orthodontic appliance that will provide adequate anchorage to actively erupt the impacted teeth.
  • Recognize the scope and the value for active participation of the orthodontist in the surgical episodes.



  • 1.25 - CE

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