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2019 Annual Session Conference

Non-Surgical Mid-Facial Expansion with Micro-Implant Assisted Maxillary Skeletal Expander (MSE) (repeated lecture)

‐ May 7, 2019 9:50am

The MSE (a particular type of MARPE) has evolved since 2004, and its application has been steadily growing globally. With a proliferation of MSE related publications by multiple authors, there is clear evidence to support its impact. This presentation will cover a brief overview of design protocol and current usage of MSE, and will also provide more thought-provoking possibilities for those who are seeking more advanced applications of MSE. Clinical cases involving non-surgical midfacial expansion in both adolescent and adult patients will be examined in detail. Secondly, other advantages of utilizing MSE for patients with nasal airway obstruction and Class III skeletal relationship, will be demonstrated.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the differences in appliance design protocols related to MSE and their skeletal impacts.
  • Understand that non-surgical skeletal expansion in mature patients is possible.
  • Appreciate other advantages of using MSE, particularly for patients with high angle, nasal airway obstruction, and/or Class III skeletal relationship.


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