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2018 AAO Winter Conf - Dental Transplants: What We Know

Credits: None available.

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Autotransplantation of developing teeth can be applied to replace congenitally missing or traumatically lost teeth. Surgical uprighting (trans-alveolar transplantation) of is also an attractive option to treat severely impacted developing teeth. The key issues for successful implementation of tooth transplantation into clinical dentistry include proper donor selection and careful post-surgical management. The current state of knowldege and the perspectives for implementation of tooth transplantation into clinical dentistry will be presented during the lecture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Select patients in whom tooth transplantation can be applied.
  • Select teeth, which can serve as the best donors for tooth transplantation.
  • Evaluate post-surgical healing of transplanted teeth and position them for optimal reshaping when replacing maxillary incisors.



  • 0.75 - CE

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