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2013 Joint AAO-AAP Conf - Synergy: The Interaction of Elements that Produce a Total Effect Greater than the Individual Elements or Contributions / Minimizing Esthetic and Functional Risk: Altering Alveolar Bone Volume and Biotype

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Synergy: The Interaction of Elements that, When Combined, Produce a Total Effect that is Greater than the Sum of the Individual Elements or Contributions

In healthcare, the interdisciplinary approach relies on the synergy of the care givers to achieve optimal results. This approach is clearly the standard of care in medicine. Gone are the days of the "family doc" who treated all one's ills. We are living longer and better than ever before in history with advances in healthcare occurring at a rapid pace. Some believe that in dentistry the age of the "superdentist" is upon us and this would seem counterintuitive to the rest of healthcare. This presentation will explore the recent advancements in regeneration, tissue engineering and periodontal medicine that can assist the orthodontist and the periodontist to manage high patient demands as well as the complexities of their conditions. Who are we as specialists and how can we not only work better together, but also engage our general dentist colleagues, to insure that patients receive the benefits of our advancing technologies?

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the current demographic of the U.S. population and how that will impact dentistry in the coming decade
  • Learn how orthodontists can take advantage of current concepts of periodontal regeneration to minimize risk in managing adult

Minimizing Esthetic and Functional Risk: Altering Alveolar Bone Volume and Biotype Through Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

Gingival recession is strongly associated with an inverse relationship between tooth size and alveolar width, or with a labial orientation of the tooth relative to the facial or lingual alveolar bony housing, or both. Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) is an emerging therapy which has as a major component, alveolar augmentation prior to the initiation of orthodontic therapy. By incorporating PAOO into orthodontic therapy, where indicated, we minimize the risk of potential iatrogenic gingival recession. This program will address the role of PAOO relative to enhancing gingival biotype, as well as appropriate strategies for incorporating PAOO therapy into routine orthodontic/periodontal practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • The valuable role of PAOO in orthodontic/periodontal practice
  • A recently described index (RSBI, Radiographic Supporting Bone Index) to measure risk of gingival recession, associated with teeth or dental implants
  • An understanding of modern concepts relative to the etiology of gingival recession



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