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2013 Joint AAO-AAP Conf - Screening for Periodontal Disease: Practical Procedures for Orthodontists / New Oral Plastic Surgical Techniques to Assist the Orthodontic Patient / Interdisciplinary Treatment of Excess Gingival Display

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Screening for Periodontal Disease: Practical Procedures for Orthodontists

Orthodontists are treating an ever increasing number of adult patients. These patients come to the orthodontist with a varied set of presenting problems, including a risk for periodontal disease. The orthodontist is responsible for evaluating both the periodontal disease state for patients and potential risk for periodontal problems prior to starting treatment. This presentation will report the recommendations of a joint AAO-AAP taskforce, providing a periodontal screening protocol as one of the screening options open to orthodontists.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know how to estimate an adult's existing periodontal disease state
  • Know how to objectively calculate the patient's risk for developing periodontal problems during orthodontics
  • Understand the risk of unmanaged periodontal disease to orthodontic - patients and potentially to your practice

New Oral Plastic Surgical Techniques to Assist the Orthodontic Patient

This lecture will provide a periodontal/oral plastic surgery overview including predictable root coverage grafting, limitations of dentinal bonding, the etiology of recession, clinical research on new attachment regeneration, the evolution of root coverage procedures to current techniques, the scientific basis for oral plastic surgical procedures, and justification/rationale for microsurgery. Dr. Nordland will provide an update on esthetic surgical tissue regeneration and will demonstrate new clinical advances in treatment of the patient needing esthetic soft tissue and bone enhancement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Correction of the lost interdental papilla, Papilla classification, and an animation video on Papilla reconstruction
  • Implant site preparation, ridge preservation with extractions, ridge augmentation
  • Decision making in treating the *gummy smile*

Interdisciplinary Treatment of Excess Gingival Display

When planning orthodontic treatment for patients with excess gingival display or *gummy smiles*, it is often necessary to also incorporate periodontal surgery and/or restorative dentistry to achieve ideal smile esthetics. In this presentation, Dr. Kokich will identify the threshold levels at which gingival discrepancies become noticeable as well as the various diagnoses associated with excess gingival display. He will also discuss the parameters necessary to create age-appropriate treatment alternatives for these patients while emphasizing the importance of utilizing an interdisciplinary approach.



  • 1.50 - CE

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