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2019 Annual Session Conference

Treatment Options Following Trauma with Loss of Maxillary Anterior Teeth in the Growing Patient

‐ May 5, 2019 12:30pm

The lecture will present strategies how to manage situations where teeth have been lost in the anterior region of the maxilla after trauma in young growing patients. Different treatment alternatives must be considered such as prosthetic treatment, orthodontic space closure and autotransplantation of another tooth to the anterior region. Implant treatment is contraindicated in the young growing patient because it interferes with growth and the lecture will present how to assess when implants at earliest can be placed in an adolescent patient. The various alternatives when treating a patient with tooth loss in the anterior region must always be related to the growth status of the individual patient and the aim of the lecture is to present strategies for the choice of treatment in each individual situation. The importance of timing and a multi-disciplinary approach to these cases will be emphasized.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize situations with tooth losses in the antertior region of maxilla in young growing patients and the difficulties and possibilities associated with each situation.
  • Assess which of the methods you should chose for your individual case related to the growth of your patient.
  • Assess when implant treatment at earliest can be considered.


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