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2011 AAO Webinar - Orthodontic Treatment for Patients with Periodontal Concerns: Proper Protocols for Osseous Defects - EFFICIENTLY PLANNING TREATMENT FOR ORTHO-PERIO PATIENTS

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In the webinar, "Periodontal Screening for Orthodontic Patients: Protecting Your Patients and Practice - EFFICIENTLY ASSESSING THE RISK FOR PERIODONTAL PROBLEMS" Drs. Graber and Kokich focused on orthodontics and periodontics, assessment of existing periodontal disease and methods for predicting the risk of future disease. This webinar will discuss the next step in the diagnostic and planning process which is to determine how the osseous defects uncovered during the diagnosis of an adult patient will affect the treatment decisions for that specific patient. For example, how do you manage the adult patient with interproximal craters? Hemiseptal defects? Horizontal defects? Two and three-wall osseous defects? Dr. Kokich will use several clinical examples to illustrate the various treatment options for the five common osseous alveolar defects found in adult orthodontic patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to diagnose and name the five common osseous periodontal defects;
  • Understand what periodontal therapy is needed to treat these defects prior to and during orthodontic therapy;
  • Realize which osseous defects can be corrected with adjunctive orthodontic treatment;
  • Be able to determine the appropriate time to initiate tooth movement after initial periodontal therapy;
  • Be able to more efficiently provide for the best periodontal outcome.



  • 1.50 - CE

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