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2011 AAO Webinar - Periodontal Screening for Orthodontic Patients: Protecting Your Patients and Practice - EFFICIENTLY ASSESSING THE RISK FOR PERIODONTAL PROBLEMS

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AAO surveys have documented an ever increasing number of adult orthodontic patients. In the past, most orthodontic patients have been children or young adults with an intact dentition and a healthy periodontium. As a result, orthodontists, based on experience and education may be complacent and overlook the importance of a periodontal examination. After all, children and adolescents are generally not susceptible to periodontal bone loss, so why take the time to assess the periodontium? However, if this attitude is used in the approach to treat adult orthodontic patients, the periodontal health could potentially be compromised, providing for a poor patient outcome. In addition, as has been reported in the AAO The Bulletin, the patients orthodontist could be found financially liable for, at a minimum, the cost to repair the damage.

What specific periodontal parameters should be evaluated prior to initiating orthodontic treatment on adults? What records are necessary to assess disease? What methods are available for determining each patients risk for periodontal breakdown during orthodontics? A joint American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) Task Force has spent the past three years investigating these important questions and developing clinically practical answers. As members of that Task Force, Drs. Graber and Kokich will share their findings with webinar attendees.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the risk to patients and practice presented by undiagnosed periodontal problems;
  • Know what specific records are necessary to diagnose periodontal disease;
  • Be able to utilize these records to establish an adult patient's existing periodontal disease score;
  • Understand how to calculate the patients level of risk for developing periodontal breakdown during orthodontic treatment;
  • Have the information needed to initiate an efficient and effective periodontal screening office protocol.



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