Mari Sawtelle

Mari Sawtelle began her career in Orthodontics as a lab tech in Texas. She then worked for over a decade with Johnson & Johnson / A Company, and was promoted up the ranks to Field Sales Trainer. She continued on with Ormco and became the first salesperson with Align Technology, where she managed the lead market and served as sales trainer for the company. She continued on to work at GAC Denstply.

Over her twenty-year career in sales, Mari won many top awards and is named on several patents. As a sales rep and trainer for four of the largest Orthodontic companies, she became a master in organization and inventory systems, as well as learned the ins and outs of manufacturers and distributors. She was then recruited by a twelve doctor multi-practice Orthodontic group, as the Director of Business Development and Purchasing. She created the inventory formulary and infrastructure, opened several new offices, and saved the company over a million dollars in the first year.

With all her experience on the selling and buying side, Mari wanted every orthodontist to be able to benefit, large or small. She analyzed over 40 practices to see buying patterns, cost of goods, where doctors where overpaying, and systems they had in place. With this knowledge she founded Mari’s List®, becoming one of the largest orthodontic co-op buying groups in the country, focused on helping doctors save both money and time through effective inventory management.