Chris Feldman DDS, MS

Dr. Chris Feldman is a Louisiana native and graduate of LSU Dental School and Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics. He owns and operates two offices that he started from scratch. A little less than six years ago, Dr. Feldman opened his first office in New Iberia, Louisiana (home of Tabasco Sauce), and around 4 years ago opened up a second location in the small, growing town of Youngsville, Louisiana. Dr. Feldman is proud of the culture he's built, how he's utilized social media to grow the practice, his low overhead, and the zero turnover he's experienced since opening, as his team isn’t “like” family, they are family. Dr. Feldman has always said that orthodontics is his passion and his family is his purpose. Dr. Feldman's wife, Krysta, and he (who met in Las Vegas while he was at a bachelor party) have a 2 and a half year old son named Ollie and a 5 month old daughter named Emma. According to Dr. Feldman, "Those 3 are my world and everything I do is to benefit them either directly or indirectly. At the end of the day, my main goal in life is to keep them safe and make them proud." In his free time, Dr. Feldman is a diehard Saints fan, and he's really into fitness, hanging with friends, hosting other orthos at his office, traveling, food tours, visiting other offices, binge watching Netflix series, and trying new things. Whatever it is, chances are good he'll try it at least once!! As far as Dr. Feldman's practice goes, his goals are to stay motivated and to continue to improve clinically while maintaining the positive relationships he has with his patients and team.