William_Harrell, Jr

Dr. William E. Harrell, Jr DMD, C.DSM

Dr. Harrell graduated dental school from UAB in 1975. He graduated from the Orthodontic program at U. of Pennsylvania in 1977. Was BD Cert (ABO) in 1989. Been interested in TMJ Disorders and Sleep Disorders since the late 1970s. Worked with the late Dr. Bill Farrar (TMJ pioneer) from 1979-1985. Worked with many of the Sleep Apnea pioneers. He has published on TMJ Disorders, Pediatric Sleep Disorders and airway issues in children. He is a member of the ADA's Children's Airway Screener Taskforce (CAST) to help develop a validated screening protocol for Children's Sleep Disordered Breathing issues. He is also developing a 3D protocol for detection of 3D facial Biomarkers of Pediatric Sleep Disorders. Dr. Harrell also teaches part time at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) Orthodontic Department.