Dr. Amr Asker DDS, MSc

Dr. Amr Asker holds a master’s degree in Orthodontics from Donau University (Austria). He finalized a second master’s degree in Periodontics (Egypt) which helped him to combine orthodontics with other specialties. He has an oral-maxillofacial surgery diplomate that supports him in ortho-surgery combined treatment. Currently, he is a lecturer in the orthodontic department in DTMD University (Luxembourg). He is the founder of Asker Orthodontic Center and Institute which is ADA C.E.R.P (American Dental Association) for CE, and his practice is limited to orthodontic and multidisciplinary dentistry. He is specialized in management of impacted teeth, ortho-perio combined treatment, ortho-implant combined treatment. He has given lectures at many conferences locally and internationally in many countries.