Dr. Kyle D. Fagala DDS, MDS

Dr. Kyle Fagala is a trusted authority and highly sought-after speaker in Orthodontics. As the owner of Saddle Creek Orthodontics and co-founder of the digital marketing agency Neon Canvas, Dr. Kyle delivers exceptional patient care and offers invaluable strategies for practice growth. Dr. Fagala shares his insights as host of "The Digital Orthodontist: Live!" podcast, providing a platform for thought leaders and industry experts to discuss emerging trends and best practices. He has also authored two children's books “All The Best Faces Wear Braces" and "There's Nothing Finer Than Aligners," which serve as educational resources for young patients and their families. He graduated from UT Memphis in 2013 with a certificate in orthodontics and a master's degree in Dental Science for his thesis on three-dimensional imaging of the airway. He is the course director and lecturer of Development of the Occlusion, a class for first-year dental students at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and a Key Opinion Leader for 3M Oral Care.