Mani Alikhani DMD, MS, PhD

Dr. Mani Alikhani is a faculty at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the Forsyth Institute. He obtained his BS in Physics, MS in Biomedical Engineering, and PhD in Molecular Biology. He has a DMD degree from Tufts University, and a Certificate of Orthodontics from New York University. Dr. Alikhani is a founding member and Director of the Consortium for Translational Orthodontic Research (CTOR,, the only center of its kind dedicated to translational research in the field of orthodontics located in Hoboken, NJ. His research efforts in orthodontics and bone biology have produced many patents for accelerated tooth movement and enhanced bone formation in craniofacial skeleton. Dr. Alikhani is the author of numerous articles, chapters, and books, and a renowned expert in non-surgical treatment of severe malocclusions. He has private practices dedicated to Orthodontics in Brooklyn, NY, and Hoboken, NJ.