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2020 Jacob A. Salzmann Award Lecture; Orthodontic Uncertainty: Research, Core Outcomes and Snake Oil Salesmen

‐ Jun 27, 2021 11:30am

Credits: None available.

In this presentation, Dr. O'Brien will discuss the dilemma of attempting to practice evidence-based orthodontics. He will use examples from his own work based on clinical trials on how research reduces, or increases, clinical uncertainty. Finally, he will discuss the effects of social media, anecdote, key opinion leaders and snake oil salesmen on counteracting the effects of orthodontic research and increasing uncertainty about our treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the quality of orthodontic research and the importance of relevant outcomes.
  • Recognize the effect of uncertainty on our clinical practice.
  • Evaluate social media and other forces on our clinical practice.



Credits: None available.

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