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2018 AAO Annual Session - Innovative Impaction Treatment

Credits: None available.

Tooth impaction is a common problem in our clinical practice. Eruption and management of impacted teeth require carefully designed surgical procedures and orthodontic biomechanics. Inspired by the periodontal surgical technique, vestibular incision subperiosteal tunnel access(VISTA), this adapted surgery allows for minimally invasive access to the impacted tooth. Together with simplified mechanics, consisted of TADs and a 3D lever arm, an independent force system from the main archwire, has proven to be an efficient and effective protocol to uncover and upright impactions in challenging scenarios, such as deep horizontal maxillary impaction and beyond.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key steps of VISTA in impaction treatment.
  • Evaluate the force system of a 3-D lever arm inserted through a screw head for impaction treatment.
  • Differentiate various screw placement locations recommended for impactions in different positions.



  • 0.75 - CE

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