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From Functional to OPTIMAL: Facing the Realities of Stress

‐ Apr 23, 2023 4:40pm

Credits: None available.

Dental professionals experience a level of stress 38% more than the average American. They look for relief by addressing external problems (hire/fire staff, take clinical CEs, throw money at marketing, etc.), which only serves as a Band-Aid. External solutions are not going to resolve this internal, biological reaction. Learn where stress is present in your practice, why it prevents you from achieving your goals, and how to move from functional to OPTIMAL.

In her pragmatic approach, Jen Butler (master executive and board-certified coach) debunks the myths behind stress in dentistry and shares how to successfully navigate stressors. Attendees will build an action plan to incorporate practical, effective coping methods with the end result being less stress, higher profits, and more energy for business and life.


Credits: None available.